About us

Tangible asset owners often find it challenging to securely store their precious metal positions in a way that properly accounts for these valuable assets. In addition, it can be difficult or expensive to acquire insurance for their holdings. Private depositories have historically provided an alternative for the safekeeping of valuable assets, but account holders are putting their trust in the hands of private management. Allco security company   provides oversight from the Comptroller of Public Accounts to certify the operator meets the standards established for the program, while leveraging the industry experience, systems and procedures of Lone Star Tangible Assets to offer a first-in-class experience.


Allco security company has been built to offer a First in Class experience to the depositor with industry leading user-experience, technology, encryption, physical security and insurance.

User Experience

Allco security company services are available online; all information about the depositor’s account are available at any time by logging into your account.  Account holdings is displayed in troy ounces and grams for all products.  The pricing for services at the Texas Bullion Depository is clearly described on our website – there are no hidden fees.


Technology is at the forefront of the design of operations at Allco security company.  From automated notifications of account events to photographic verification uploads of all deposits and withdrawals to/from depositor accounts, the Allco security company has been designed to ensure the depositor sleeps well at night knowing their valuable precious metal assets are properly accounted for and protected.


All account information submitted to the Allco security company is encrypted in at least 256-bit encryption, data is encrypted in transit and at rest.  Your personally identifiable information is never stored in an unencrypted manner.

Physical Security

While technology helps to ensure a superb user experience, physical security is paramount to the safekeeping of Depository Account Holder assets.  TheAllco security company offers fully segregated Class III vaulting in a hardened building at its current location.  All operations of the depository are conducted under 24 hour video surveillance.  Additionally, the security approach to depository operations ensures layer upon layer of security, which increases in complexity at each successive layer.

The Allco security company maintains its own internal security and investigation team, which is supplemented by Texas Law Enforcement stationed on-site every day.


Deposits held within the Allco security company are covered by an all-risk policy underwritten through the Lloyd’s of London Insurance Marketplace.  The policy is reviewed and approved by the Depository Administrator and it covers 100% of all assets stored in Depository Account Holder accounts.  Additionally, the policy maintains language that permits automatic increases in limits as new depository accounts are opened.